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Specific Things


dogpile09.jpgSpecific Things is an online art project made possible by one of Josh Greene's Service Works grants. The site asks for collections of specific items, such as photographs of dogpiles (pictured), stories about finding money, and photographs of luaus in the continental United States. Currently there are 14 more items on the list. So if you have stories about physical flaws coinciding with picture day, self-portraits taken on roller coasters, or pictures of TP'd houses, send these people an email... I like this thing. All the stuff they are asking for are the things you find in the garbage at 1-hour photo places--everyman sorts of moments. I used to go through those dumpsters all the time as a kid and have an interesting collection myself. I can definitely send Specific Things a bunch of photos of people toasting at holiday dinners.

Photobooth Love


berlin_1.jpg is the most comprehensive photobooth resource on the internet. That's what it says on the front page, but after a bunch of googling around, I'd have to agree. Brian and Tim, the fellows who run the site, seem to be obsessed with trying to locate every photobooth in the world, as well as any photobooth that appears in film and television. As of right now, there are close to 200 booths in their list so consult it before a trip, whether to Connecticut or Finland they'll find you something. They also have a blog, a gallery of photobooth pictures (submit yours!), and information about booth related art projects and books. I'd love to find this limited edition book of photobooth pictures put out by Billy Childish. Anyone out there have it?

Photo above is by Klaas from Berlin. Those German FotoAutomats are cool looking. And of course, there's a flickr pool of them.

Small magazines are expensive! An article about boutique glossies from the New York Observer. [via MagCulture]

A trip to Chicago and new zine recommendations. Andrew Scott from SF zinestore Needles & Pens now has a blog on art site Fecal Face. On it he'll talk about his exciting life as a shopkeeper and tell us which zines and books to buy.

Also from Fecal Face, a look at a new SF darkroom, zinestore, gallery space brought to you by cool photo zine and Magazine We Love (tm), Hamburger Eyes.

The Olive Reader, HarperPerennial's blog, loves books, book parties, bookstores, book reviews, book festivals, and other book related things.

Zine Soup


Danish zine gallery/store T.T.C. (Telefon Til Chefen) has a big zine show up through July called Zine Soup. If you're in the neighborhood of Denmark between now and then, go check it out and then come back and tell me about it. In the meanwhiles, there are quite a few scanned pages of beautiful looking zines to browse through on the gallery's site.

From "Moving Plastic Castles" by Tommi Musturi, 2007.

From "Alexander" by Emil Alsbo, 2005.

From "Sigrid #1" by Sigrid Astrup, 2007.

Work Avoidance


vision.pngI have a new freelance project to do so of course I've spent all morning looking around the Visionaire website instead of getting to work. Visionaire 51 is out and the theme is Harmony. It comes in the form of six puzzles identically cut so you can mix and match. The issue is sponsored by the hybrid Lexus and is "environmentally sensitive" which I think means they use some recycled materials and non-toxic inks. If I could afford this one, I'd get it. But for now, I'll continue wasting time by putting the puzzles together online. I love the one by Yayoi Kusama (pictured) and the Vik Muniz one is impossible. (link via magculture)

Oh, ps, it only says good job! because I successfully completed the puzzle.

Tiny Showcase


1388.jpgIn 2004, Jon Buonaccorsi and Shea'la Finch of Providence, Rhode Island, historical home of many a cool printmaker, looked around at all their talented pals and decided to start Tiny Showcase, a website gallery of small artworks. Each week they choose someone’s tiny work and fine art printer IO Labs does a limited run of it. I like this idea. There's not a lot of overhead cost, the artist gets to make a little money off their work, and the art enthusiast gets to take home an art work for about the cost of a record or a book. Go browse around and buy stuff... If it wasn't sold out, I'd buy this one. I love zombies.


I recently discovered Encyclopedia Pictura when I saw a video of theirs on a Wholpin DVD zine. I spent some time this morning looking at the super nice stuff on their lovely website. Go look around.



Here is something to do on this rainy, lazy Sunday...I've been browsing this enormous collection of photographs and writings by William Gedney for weeks. The Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library has his whole collection of photographs, contact sheets, and notebooks. His two main bodies of work are photographs of hippies in SF's Haight Ashbury and photographs of coal miner's families in Kentucky. These were shown in his first and only solo exhibition at the MOMA in 1968, organized by John Szarkowski. All these images are in the Duke collection, as are his cross country drives, trips to India, photographs of composers and many other adventures. The notebooks have meticulous records of images and prints as well as writing on other photographers, sketches of subway riders, quotes, bits of personal drama and pep talks, and book mock-ups of his own photographs.

More of his photographs after the jump... They are all, btw, Copyright Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library.

Continue Reading William Gedney: Duke University Collection


March 7-28: In Real Life is an exhibition at the Capricious Space where several online art spaces are invited to do 4 hour long residencies in the gallery. Says the website, they are "attempting to explore how the distribution, production, analysis, and consumption of culture are rapidly evolving in an online context." It kicks off March 7th at Noon. VVORK is the first website to take the space and they are bringing a male stripper to do a slow strip for 4 hours while surfing the internet.

Also involved: Art Fag City, ASDF, Club Internet, Ffffound, The Highlights, Humble Arts Foundation, I Heart Photograph, Loshadka, Netmares/Netdreams, Platform for Pedagogy, Private Circulation, UbuWeb, Why + Wherefore.

Consult the In Real Life site for a full schedule. Capricious Space, 103 Broadway, Brooklyn.


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