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popmanifesto.pngThe Pop Manifesto is another case of cool magazine deciding not to go in for the great expense and heartache of making a print book and instead just publishing online. They have two issues up on their site with promise of an upcoming print annual. Their format is similar to most music/art/fashion/lifestyle magazines out there: interviews, photo stories, and a few reviews. But, thankfully, it's lacking in a lot of pointless product coverage, tips, and advertising. They write about stuff they like and don't worry about bad spelling or grammar. Lucky for me plenty of the stuff they like is also the stuff I like: throbbing gristle, the slits, favorite t-shirts, and the rapture, for example. Anyway, it's cute and fun to read. Go look!

UPDATE! their new issue goes up on MONDAY January, 15th!

dazedfeb.jpgLast night I found myself short on cash when it was time to pay the dinner bill so I slipped out into the snow storm in search of the nearest deli ATM. The deli I found, somewhere on Dekalb Ave. in Brooklyn, had a fantastic magazine selection including a few titles I've never seen before. My dinner companions probably figured I'd skipped out on the check, I was gone so long looking at shelves of new mags. I left with a pot leaf lighter and the February 2007 issue of Dazed & Confused. I'd forgot about Dazed and probably haven't read it in a year or two. I'm glad I got reminded. This is a good issue! I always feel like I learn something after reading an issue. There's a John Cage interview, an article on the Doug Aitken video piece at the MOMA (which my history of video art teacher called a giant Gap ad), a look at the spring/summer 2007 collections, and a really foxy French guy I've never heard of. The Dazed Digital site already has the March issue up, so go grab Feb off the stands before it goes away.

Wooooo #5


wooooo_5sml.jpgWooooo Magazine #5
4.25" x 7", 143 pages, perfect bound
Black and white inside, 2 color cover

I have just entered a phase of obsessive interview-reading. I'm planning some upcoming interview for Print Fetish and figured I'd get into the spirit of things. Most magazines have terrible interviews. They're boring. Everyone asks the same questions and talks to the same people. I start reading then just sort of glaze over. I miss good interview mags like Index. But lucky for us, their whole archive is online. Also lucky for us, Jason Crombie put out another issue of Wooooo, his hilariously awesome little interview mag. I picked up previous issues for free around town but hadn't seen it in a while until I found the current issue for sale at St. Marks Books. Issue #5 has interviews with artist Aurel Schmidt, Butt editor Jop Van Bennekom, artist and Olsen twin dater (hee) Nate Lowman, Parker Posey, David Byrne, skater Ray Barbee, gallerist Michelle Maccarone, and a bunch more. To get a sampling of the hilarity, read the David Byrne interview conducted while running alongside Byrne who was riding his bike down Houston St. Byrne liked it so much, he put it up on his own site.

Buy Wooooo #5 and back issues and t-shirts from their site. Or look for the mag at cool shops around New York.


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