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outpunk.jpgLet's have some history this morning. I just came across a Queer Zine Archive website that has PDF versions of some of the classic homo zines of our times. It has issues of Bruce LaBruce and G.B. Jones' great zine J.D.s, Brat Attack, Outpunk, and Holy Titclamps. I'm sad to see some of the major titles missing like Homocore (who's archives are in jpg form at this link) and Chainsaw and I would just die for a PDF of Now I Don The Mask of Melancholy—the most hilarious and amazing gay goth zine I've ever seen. Maybe we should scan our copies and send them in. Anyway, check them out, give them some support.

There are many ways to bind your book/comic/zine/manifesto, from perfect binding to tying it all together with rope to stuffing the loose pages in an envelope. I think, when planning a project, it's good to explore as many weird possibilities as you can before you just grab the stapler. I've been seeing this technique lately called the coptic stitch and I like it! It's a relatively simple way to achieve a cool handmade look. This PDF explains it well. And here's another site that tells you how to do it.

There is another useful "blog," which is sort of somewhere in our stratsophere, Slates's In Other Magazines. The boring magazines they summarize often do have interesting writing (even if they have artless editors and art directors) - so I find it an essential tool.

Keeping it WET


wet128101.jpgHere are some links to a few full issues of awesome LA new wave magazine WET. This one is from 1981 and features side by side interviews with Johnny Rotten and a young David Lee Roth and some great stuff on xerox art. Plus the whole thing, even the ads, looks amazing. This page has two issues from 1978 up on their site. And this page has a cover gallery.

[from ryan, via boingboing]

Ooooh Outfits!


omg.jpgI woke up early today to write something here before class and instead I've just spent the last hour looking at this amazing street fashion site called Face Hunter. I can't stop! There's so much there! I know it's not exactly print related but go there now and look. My only regret is that I've spent so much time on the site and now I barely have time to put together a fierce outfit. Damn!

I just looked up the photographer, Yvan's myspace and it turns out he was the cute fellow in the Henrik Vibskov photos I was loving from his Spring 2007 mens collection.

flip7.jpg"Have you noticed how bland, safe and banal our newsstands have been looking lately? Is this what you want? Hey consumers, vote with your feet! Don't let quality magazines die." We've found yet another magazine obsessive, Michael Bojkowski at Boicozine. His tastes vary slightly from ours - but he's still go it. I found him while searching for info on He Magazine, which he seems to have discovered before me. The most impressive thing about his site is a wonderful collection of magazine covers that he calls The Nation Magazine Cover Archive (NMCA). It's fascinating to see Esquire's once phenomenal covers and consider it compared to the sad, sad magazine that exists today. Who the hell reads Esquire anyway?

For another list of online only magazines, check out This photo mag caught my eye. They seem to publish here and there, the last issue being jan/feb 06, but there's a fair amount of content to browse through. Check it out.

Book Blog


books.gifI came across this cute new blog today called Book By Its Cover. Illustrator and pattern maker Julia Rothman posts about one book she likes per day. And the books featured are anything from older stuff in her collection to new things she sees around, from comics to kids books to handmade numbered editions. I'm looking forward to reading more.



Here is something to do on this rainy, lazy Sunday...I've been browsing this enormous collection of photographs and writings by William Gedney for weeks. The Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library has his whole collection of photographs, contact sheets, and notebooks. His two main bodies of work are photographs of hippies in SF's Haight Ashbury and photographs of coal miner's families in Kentucky. These were shown in his first and only solo exhibition at the MOMA in 1968, organized by John Szarkowski. All these images are in the Duke collection, as are his cross country drives, trips to India, photographs of composers and many other adventures. The notebooks have meticulous records of images and prints as well as writing on other photographers, sketches of subway riders, quotes, bits of personal drama and pep talks, and book mock-ups of his own photographs.

More of his photographs after the jump... They are all, btw, Copyright Duke University Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library.

Continue Reading William Gedney: Duke University Collection

I've always been jealous of Stack in England. Why can't we have that HERE!??! A random surprise indie mag in the mail every month! I think maybe I should start this myself...wait, WHAT!? Andrew already did? That jerk!

Seriously, though-this is the epitome of what PF is all about: independent, creative and passionate print. Screw reviews-with stack you can actually sample a variety of magazines that you might not know about or even be able to find locally. Do it! Buy a subscription NOW! Print Fetish commands it.

$71.99 gets you a years subscription to Stack, which sends you a different, gorgeous independent magazine every 2 months, with the occasional extra treat. This would be a FABULOUS x-mas gift. Just saying.

Check it out here!

We're just launching a new project, The Little Magazine Coalition. Through gatherings, workshops and the fostering of business partnerships, The LMC strives to make small magazines more visible and professionally viable. Our first meeting is at our studio in Brooklyn, Friday June 8. This isn't a panel or presentation, but rather an informal gathering where magazine makers can directly discuss with each other how they get their mags out and into the hands of people who will love them.

Anyone who makes magazines, or wants get one started is welcome. Drinks (booze!) and snacks will be served.


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