Small magazines are expensive! An article about boutique glossies from the New York Observer. [via MagCulture]

A trip to Chicago and new zine recommendations. Andrew Scott from SF zinestore Needles & Pens now has a blog on art site Fecal Face. On it he'll talk about his exciting life as a shopkeeper and tell us which zines and books to buy.

Also from Fecal Face, a look at a new SF darkroom, zinestore, gallery space brought to you by cool photo zine and Magazine We Love (tm), Hamburger Eyes.

The Olive Reader, HarperPerennial's blog, loves books, book parties, bookstores, book reviews, book festivals, and other book related things.

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(a) in the past week i: heard dishwasher pete on npr - and then saw him on the cover of the chi trib's 'tempo' section.

(b) rumble fish is way cooler than the outsiders. but, still, you made ok/tulsa sound like fun. [not easy.]

(c) the search & destroy 'devo' guy looks totally like swinney.

(d) you suck for coming to chicago and not e-mailing me...or something.

p.s. i can't imagine that ralph would read a-d. but if he did, i'd imagine his eyes rolling back in his head. public humiliation! omg.

oh i didn't go to chicago, paul, andrew from needles and pens did. i'll totally call when i'm there next.

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