Visit Tyler Lee's Magazine Cover Collection which shows current covers from all over the world. Proof that magazine cover design is nearly a dead art form. Glance over the whole page and see which cover grabs your eye, without thinking about it too much.

Each month San Francisco artist/waiter Josh Greene awards an art grant from one nights tips. I think we'll apply to pay for a 'zine. Visit the official site of his foundation to view some of the cool projects completed thus far, such as Kara Hearn's video project where she reenacts scenes from movies.

Hmm... a site that purports to educate one on launching a magazine. Is this like those silly midwestern "modeling schools?"

Columbia University's New York Review of Magazines. Apparently the staff are "magazine junkies," but I think they need to read a bit more. Ivy League school magazines usually illustrate how not particularly smart ivy leauge students are. I'm curious about their process for picking magazines to review, because they don't seem to be visiting many of the amazing newsstands that New York has to offer. They do have an interesting story about "art" magazine 3rd Floor's struggle to get non-profit status from the IRS. While it's fascinating to read about an independent magazine's struggle to survive in a corporate world - 3rd Floor is the perfect example of altruism and "punk rock" DIY being no indication of quality. That thing blows - sorry.

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