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I don't really throw magazines away - except for the occasional Vogue or W (which I only ever read when found in the trash, where they are meant to be). So having the right way to display them is of the utmost importance - after all, you have to make it easy for your guests to judge you. To help our fellow Print Fetishists we will be spotlighting a cute magazine rack or table every week.

Personally I wanted a rack that was a bit warmer looking than a lot of the metal ones you can find. I got the Kiri Wood Magazine Rack at Viva Terra, a store that specializes in eco-friendly housewares. It's extremely light, attractive and easy to mount - and for $69 bucks, a good deal. I primarily use it to display my 'zines and a few classy comics. The picture on the left is at my place.

psychic.jpgDesign is too damn expensive - but sometimes something comes along that is just as fabulous as it's high end counterparts. This Acrylic Magazine Table has often caught my eye when I walk into The Container Store. It's modern and lightweight and highly affordable at $69. It's the perfect night-stand or end-table, that not only works well as a temporary solution - but blends in well as a permeant piece in modern decor.

coming_soon_LEQUIN.jpg I'm endlessly trolling the internet for things I might want but don't need. I obsessively look through Most people don't realize that the coolest thing about Overstock is that they have quite a bit of handmade furniture and objects from all over the world - like this Mango wood magazine rack from Indonesia. This would look warm and inviting in a large apartment or office, adding a tropical, colonial library feel. Now on sale for only $46.99 (plus $2.95 shipping).

coming_soon_LEQUIN.jpgI Love Real Simple Furniture - all wood and assembles without nails, tools or glue! I wish I had more room so I could buy their couch. Maybe I can still buy their sleek Studio Magazine Rack. I love that it comes unstained so you can save a few bucks by staining it, or painting it a loud color yourself. Beautiful design for only $30 bucks! Free Shipping too!

flip7.jpgIt's not particularly easy to design a unique magazine rack - the same ideas are knocking around endlessly. But finally I've found one thats completely different - The Tube Magazine Rack. I might have a problem stuffing my fancier mags in here - but it's certainly an attractive solution for the occasional food magazine I buy for the kitchen. It's only about $98 bucks, but unfortunately not available in the US. Hopefully there will be knockoffs everywhere soon.

flip7.jpgI actually think a lot of the "kid's" furniture you see at the big stores is cooler than any of their adult stuff. Pottery Barn is so soooooo lame, but PBteen is totally cute. Ms. Keough is having issues finding just the right magazine rack - and I think PBteen's Beadboard Mag Rack might be just the answer for her. It will blend in nicely without crowding her little Brooklyn apartment. It's wood, painted white and distressed so it will go nicely with her light walls and slightly messy chic (i.e dumpster dived) decor.

A few weeks ago I posted this cool mag rack available only in the UK. Recently on a decorating show, Freestyle Design, they used an Ikea wine rack in a similar manner. Unfortunately they don't have it at Ikea anymore, but there are still a few cheap on ebay.

It occurs to me that there are many wine racks that could work as magazine racks - like this cheap elephant wine rack available on Get inventive.

flip7.jpg I heart felt with all my heart - It reminds me of cigar jewelry boxes made for mom. 54Dean's felt mag rack is a fabulous, somewhat surrealist piece of furniture. It's odd, but lovely - what I'm into aesthetically at the moment. It's hard finding these awesome things that I don't need myself - but I really think I have to make room for this somewhere. Gimme!

available for $89 at Generate

flip7.jpgI'm a fan of being playful in home decor, no matter how old you get. Of course you can use these colorful rubber wall straps from NL architects to strap other things to the wall, but I especially like them as an alternative magazine rack. Your magazines become wall art without taking up much space - perfect for a slim New York entrance hallway.

flip7.jpg The Crease Magazine Rack is made from a single sheet of recycled plastic and can be unfolded flat when not used. I'm feeling this more for an office or bathroom (if you have a large one). Designed by cute Scotts who specialize in eco friendly furniture and housewares, Blue Marmelade. Around $62.45 from this UK store.

outOk... I try to keep my magazine rack choices on the affordable side - but this is a brilliant design. The price is absurd, but I'm showing it to you because anyone with even the most elementary wood-working abilities could duplicate this just by glancing at it. Basically you just need plywood cut at Home Depot, some small nails, wood glue and varnish. This would look really great in a large open loft space.

If you are crazy enough to buy this, it's available at Unica Home for between $1850.00 and $2213.00, depending on the size and finish.


The Mobos Rectangle Display Container
is playful, colorful and slightly out of the ordinary - making it an excellently bold magazine rack. It attaches to your wall using the Mobos display bar, which can be cut to size - the longer the better, because for the full effect you'd want to mix and match colors and a few circle and square containers, which can be used as planters (the rectangles can be as well).

The Mobos Rectangles are $40 each, circles $36, squares $30, available at Rose and Radish.

out The Brave Space Design Hollow End Table is pushing it price wise at $375, but sometimes you have to pay for good, eco-friendly design. It's made of a combination of light and dark bamboo, and at 20 inches high would also be great used as a stool. Magazines can go on either side, leaning vertically, as well as being stuffed flat directly beneath the table surface.

Available at Design Public

outI'm obsessed with anything magnetic and I love eco-friendly bamboo - so this Magnetic Bamboo File Box is perfect for for me. On the fridge it's great for bills, letters and food magazines, but I'm getting one to stick to the side of my steel desk for current mag issues. For 25 bucks, maybe I'll get one for the fridge too - I'm a greedy bitch.

$24.95 at Solutions.

out Inmodern's Surfin Magazine Rack suggests the form of a butterfly or moth and comes in three lovely finishes. $50 (free shipping for a limited time) is a great deal for something totally made in the USA, and eco-friendly. It's Made from FSC/Rainforest Alliance Certified SmartWood and 100% non-toxic water based stains, so its lovely in every way. Inmodern is the eco-friendly, more designery branch of The Real Simple Furniture company. All their furniture assembles without hardware, like a 3 dimensional puzzle.

I seriously need to get manly and start building stuff. I am really envious of people who can make furniture happen, and fix-up their own houses. I am especially envious of this magazine rack and hidden bookshelf this guy made.

I would totally buy this if I saw it somewhere! I'm going to try and get Ms. Keough's handy dad to make it for the R&S office.

outFor an industrial library feel try the the Scooter Magazine Rack. It has cute wheels that only go side to side so it stays in place leaning against the wall, or is easily moved around - totally cute for a large, bright room - excellent for a loft space.

Available at Chiasso for $118

outBlu Dot's 2d:3d Wall Mount Magazine Rack comes flat, but folds out to hold your precious, precious magazines. It comes in metal, red, white and occasionally blue (though not at the moment). Simple and only $65 bucks.

Available at Design Public.


OK... here is yet another psychotically expensive magazine rack solution - BCXSY's See-Saw Bookshelf. Yes, a bookshelf - but as the product-shot illustrates with copies of National Geographic - it works quite well for magazines. It's made with walnut wood and powder coated steel parts. I absolutely adore this kind of playfulness in design - I just wish it didn't cost so much! However, I do think that this is an easily replicated design with a bit of carpentry and some sturdy croquet hoops.

Available at Generate for $1,899.00

outBack to something affordable! The Task Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack available at Target (online) is only $35, and available in java or black finish. Its made of MDF rather than wood, which is why it's so cheap. For those of us who buy more than a couple of magazines a month, a few of these racks can be lined up vertically to make a longer rack.

For a step up, you can also find this design made in lovely, eco-friendly kiri wood for $65. This version is actually cheaper, because it comes with more compartments (three of the target version would be $105). It's far more attractive than MDF, with a beautiful finish achieved by burning the wood and waxing the ashes back into it. I'm a fan of beautiful, affordable and eco-responsible. This rack pretty much touches all the bases.

The Task Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack is available at Target for $34.99

The Wall-Mounted Kiri Magazine Rack is available at Koo De Kir for $65

outLet's step back and get a l'il more classic this week. I'm a fan of this black magazine table and its scalloped edges and leather piping look. This table would be perfect for displaying my collection of Nest magazines (if I had a larger apartment), or any swanky mag collection that is never intended for the dust heap. If you're going to buy a table this size, with the magazines displayed up off of the ground, upright with spines legible, you obviously want it and the magazines to be seen–so I mostly imagine it placed between two windows (not beside a chair or couch), with a few carefully chosen art books arranged on the lower shelf.

available at for $179.99

outThe Bell Magazine Rack is very sturdy, modern, made of wood and finished in mahogany. I've seen it on other sites in a variety of stains, but it's definitely the cheapest on the Bellacore site at $161.00. I envision it pushed up against the wall, not necessarily next to a couch or chair, to add a geometric detail to a room. It kind of looks like playground equipment - and I do wonder what it might look like stripped and painted a bright primary color (I love primary colors). This would be a fairly easy design to replicate with a trip to the lumber yard, and in fact you probably could improve upon it by making it larger. If you're frugal, you can't afford to be afraid of hammer, nails and wood glue.

available at Bellacor for $161.00

outThankfully there is a company like Umbra who make well designed products that we can actually afford to buy, rather than just dream of. Check out their new Iluzine Magazine Rack–only $31.50! Magazines seem to float off of the wall when draped over this white powder-coated metal rack. I'd maybe buy enough of these to run the entire length of a wall at chest level.

Available at Unica Home

outI just had to write about Umbra again because their new line is recently out–and this piece is really incredible, especially considering it's price. Satina Turner designed the solid wood Magtable, that can also double as a bench, which holds up to 14 magazines. At $158.00 it costs less than a boring coffee table! I want it, but I have no room! This could easily have been presented by a high-end company at a much greater price.

Available at Umbra for $158.00

outDWR is having it's semi-annual sale, so design is slightly more in reach. Slightly. So as a result, I'm finally featuring a DWR product, Fabio Lombardo's Print Magazine Rack which has a slick 70's sci-fi bachelor pad vibe. Made out of a single piece of plastic, it kind of looks like a butt. I can totally see the white version next to a white sofa and a glass/chrome coffee table on a white shag rug. OR in a large, tiled to the ceiling bathroom. For those who are feeling sexy and Italian, not for the shaved of chest.

Available at DWR for $180.00

outCheck out the funky and colorful Buk magazine rack designed by Rodolfo Bonetto, which kind of looks like a giant letter "U" refrigerator magnet. Two of these on the floor would work marvelously as book-ends for a long row of magazines-or books I suppose (if you're into keeping those sort of things). You could also use them as bookends on a shelf, but I like the architectural look of magazines lined up against a wall. Online it looks like plastic, but it's actually made of super-durable Rotomoulded polyethylene, a material used in boat and airplane construction.

Available for $149 at Generate

outThis lovely magazine table is hand-made in India out of sheesham wood. It's a solid, more classic play on the Offi magazine table theme. You can flip it around for the magazine rack on either side, use it as a bench or coffee table, or flip it on its side as an end table or computer stand. You could totally work this into a slick modern look, a funky ethnic look, or EVEN a more standard contemporary decor.

Available in the UK for £189.00 at FurnitureToday

KAMUIMAGAZINERACKBLUE.jpgThe Kamui Magazine Rack basically looks like an oversized napkin holder, but the good thing about this design is that it keeps magazine covers visible. Because of the size and shape, this is one of the few magazine racks that works on a tabletop. Available in white, black, blue and red.

Available at Loft Party for $37

Here is a unique magazine rack of the bentwood variety that would look excellent next to an upholstered chair or couch by Finnish designer Pancho Nikander. The Kanto Magazine Rack doubles as a firewood holder, but I think it would get scratched up too easily. I think it would double better as a file holder, because the handle makes it so easy to carry around.

Available in oak or birch veneers or red, white and black lacquer at twentytwentyone, UK only for between £73.00 and £81.00


Eddy Pramono's Wings magazine Rack from Novica knocked me out of my mag rack doldrums as soon as I caught sight of it. It has all of the qualities I look for in home design - it's multi-functional, made of sustainable materials (Balinese sono wood) and is completely modern. This brilliant design works as a centerpiece bowl, or folds for use as a mag rack. In either mode it cuts a very unique silhouette, unlike anything I've seen in quite a while. It's Innovative, but maintains an earthy warmth that can fit into many different interior styles. To sweeten the deal, it's pretty cheap.

Wings Magazine Rack, available for $62.95 at Novica

OMG, yes.... it's getting harder and harder and harder to find well designed magazine racks (which is why I haven't been doing this every week, like I'm trying to)... especially ones that aren't prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, some of the best designs aren't very expensive, like the Rak, a wood veneer magazine rack from Habitat in the UK. Solutions that aren't overly complicated is what great design is all about, and this mag rack definitely achieves that. I'd pay a little more for it if it was actually real wood, though.

Rak is available in oak or natural veneers at Habitat for £15.00


Hey, The BUKAN Magazine Rack is not available in the U.S! Lame. I love powder-coated steel and bold, colorful typographic shapes, so this Swiss design is totally going into my want folder. I mean, this big red "X," which can hold quite a bit of media, would really look excellent next to the contrasting colors of a couch or wall. Perhaps one day I'll have enough rooms for all these hot mag holders.

The Bukan Magazine Rack is available in Europe only for 199.50 Euros.


I keep seeing these in my many searches for fabulous magazine racks... but I always hold off because none of them seem to be in production anymore, and these amazing vintage pieces do not come cheap. Austrian designer Carl Aubock seems to have designed more magazine racks than anyone from the Mid-Century period (or contemporary for that matter), leading me to believe he was a fellow Print Fetishist. LUST after these, or if you're rich, buy one and send us a pic of you lounging beside it.


These are the best images I could find, but he's done even MORE magazine/newspaper racks than this. I love his use of leather, wood and metal - natural looking, but modern, my favorite. Simple and apparently obvious like all great design.




We must organize an a movement to get these manufactured again! Who is with me?!

It is possible to buy some of these pieces here, here
and here.


Funky and colorful, this wood mag rack is wrapped in a patchwork of misprinted metal cans that would've otherwise been discarded. Each rack is unique and would be perfect for a kitchen - maybe EVEN a bathroom. Go wild.

The Misprint Magazine rack is available at Viva Terra for $89

Please feel free to spend your money. But here are some cute, stylish options for those who like to make their own zines and therefore may be crafty.

Wire Hanger Rack at lifehacker

Pegboard Wall Unit at Design*Sponge

Marimba Magazine Rack made from drumsticks at Replayground

It's always lovely to rediscover that people can still come up with seemingly obvious, practical, simple and attractive design solutions - such as the Lili Light, a cute bentwood bookshelf, reading light and bookmark all in one. When you place an open book on the self, the light turns off, when you pick it up it turns back on!

Available for 99 € at the Lili Light website.

Gasp, the Magrack of the Week is back! This stylish and easily assembled number can sit on the floor or be mounted to the wall. It might be great slid between couch and wall to make the most of limited space. Hung horizontally it doubles as a display shelf. Comes in red, black or white.

Available at DesignCode for €68.00

This sculptural rack turns your 12 recent magazines into an art piece. Definitely great for a gallery like space, or loft, next to a sofa or chair that is set away from the wall.

Only $57 bucks at the UMA store

The powder coated steel Slat Rack is perfect for a landing strip - it's a coat rack AND a magazine rack. You can cram mail on it, and there's a groove to hold keys. It has a bit of a cartoon quality that could add whimsy to a modern decor. Available in orange, brown, green and white.

The Slat Rack is a $145 at 2modern.

Le Bouc (The Goat!), designed by Belgian Mathieu Gabiot, is a really exciting piece of furniture - kind of awkward and elegant all at once. It's current without being trendy and I can see it fitting into any sort of decor - even mixed in with lots of vintage stuff that's not modern or contemporary. Actually - I want it.

Le Bouc is available on Gabiot's site for €195, shipping from Begium

This adorable wood magazine file is handmade in Rochester, New York by Jenny and Jim. Their Etsy store is down for the next week or so, but bookmark this and check back!

The Archive Magazine Rack is made of steel, attaches to the wall and comes in multiple colors, which you can combine to create a bigger magazine rack. Fill a whole wall up!

Available at for £12.50

Norwegian furniture designer Amy Hunting's Book Box is made out of factory wood waste, and can be flipped around to various book (or mag!) configurations. It kind of reminds me of a rustic space invader. Available on Amy's site by request.

One of the more unique magazine racks I've found in quite a while, the Guidelines magazine rack by Frederik Rojé reminds me of super stylish 80's decor - something Patrick Bateman would use to display his magazines.

Available in grey, white and sometimes red for €169.00 at Frederik Rojé


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