outpunk.jpgLet's have some history this morning. I just came across a Queer Zine Archive website that has PDF versions of some of the classic homo zines of our times. It has issues of Bruce LaBruce and G.B. Jones' great zine J.D.s, Brat Attack, Outpunk, and Holy Titclamps. I'm sad to see some of the major titles missing like Homocore (who's archives are in jpg form at this link) and Chainsaw and I would just die for a PDF of Now I Don The Mask of Melancholy—the most hilarious and amazing gay goth zine I've ever seen. Maybe we should scan our copies and send them in. Anyway, check them out, give them some support.

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As noted, there are many zines that we don't have up in the QZAP archive. Currently we have 160 documents online (in PDF format) ranging from single page flyers to 128p zines, and a backlog of 400 some zine still waiting to be scanned. We always accept submissions in both paper and digital forms. We'd love to see Now I Don The Mask of Melancholy, and anything else you and your readers wish to contribute. xoMilo

Hey all...

Please check out my new queercore/genderfuck webzine!
Submissions are welcome and although this site is new it is evolving quite quickly.
Drop by and say hello!

Emmett the girl

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