flip7.jpg"Have you noticed how bland, safe and banal our newsstands have been looking lately? Is this what you want? Hey consumers, vote with your feet! Don't let quality magazines die." We've found yet another magazine obsessive, Michael Bojkowski at Boicozine. His tastes vary slightly from ours - but he's still go it. I found him while searching for info on He Magazine, which he seems to have discovered before me. The most impressive thing about his site is a wonderful collection of magazine covers that he calls The Nation Magazine Cover Archive (NMCA). It's fascinating to see Esquire's once phenomenal covers and consider it compared to the sad, sad magazine that exists today. Who the hell reads Esquire anyway?

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Hey. Thanks for the write up. Yep, a fellow 'magazine obsessive', just can't help it. Have you checked out MagCulture [ http://magculture.com/blog/ ]? I should hopefully be helping document Colophon2007 [ http://www.colophon2007.com/ ] over there. It's going to be an awesome event, you should consider checking it out.

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