outBack to something affordable! The Task Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack available at Target (online) is only $35, and available in java or black finish. Its made of MDF rather than wood, which is why it's so cheap. For those of us who buy more than a couple of magazines a month, a few of these racks can be lined up vertically to make a longer rack.

For a step up, you can also find this design made in lovely, eco-friendly kiri wood for $65. This version is actually cheaper, because it comes with more compartments (three of the target version would be $105). It's far more attractive than MDF, with a beautiful finish achieved by burning the wood and waxing the ashes back into it. I'm a fan of beautiful, affordable and eco-responsible. This rack pretty much touches all the bases.

The Task Wall-Mounted Magazine Rack is available at Target for $34.99

The Wall-Mounted Kiri Magazine Rack is available at Koo De Kir for $65

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