I keep seeing these in my many searches for fabulous magazine racks... but I always hold off because none of them seem to be in production anymore, and these amazing vintage pieces do not come cheap. Austrian designer Carl Aubock seems to have designed more magazine racks than anyone from the Mid-Century period (or contemporary for that matter), leading me to believe he was a fellow Print Fetishist. LUST after these, or if you're rich, buy one and send us a pic of you lounging beside it.


These are the best images I could find, but he's done even MORE magazine/newspaper racks than this. I love his use of leather, wood and metal - natural looking, but modern, my favorite. Simple and apparently obvious like all great design.




We must organize an a movement to get these manufactured again! Who is with me?!

It is possible to buy some of these pieces here, here
and here.

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dear friends - who are interested in carl auboeck design and esp. in magazine racks!
visit our homepage , they ARE still produced in our original workshop, and, for a reasonable price, that is.
please send your request to our mailaddress.
also time pieces available.
carl auboeck IV

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