I don't really throw magazines away - except for the occasional Vogue or W (which I only ever read when found in the trash, where they are meant to be). So having the right way to display them is of the utmost importance - after all, you have to make it easy for your guests to judge you. To help our fellow Print Fetishists we will be spotlighting a cute magazine rack or table every week.

Personally I wanted a rack that was a bit warmer looking than a lot of the metal ones you can find. I got the Kiri Wood Magazine Rack at Viva Terra, a store that specializes in eco-friendly housewares. It's extremely light, attractive and easy to mount - and for $69 bucks, a good deal. I primarily use it to display my 'zines and a few classy comics. The picture on the left is at my place.

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Gus Jonez:

Nice rack.

Ms. Fernandes:

Your place is looking mighty cute. you should also have a furniture fetish site.
PS Nice rack,.

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