A few years back I lamented a lack of collected issues of JANK on the internet or otherwise. I was just looking through some boxes of zines, trying to organize and protect (potential interns I'm looking at you here) all these piles of oddly-sized and delicate items when I came across a couple of copies of JANK and thought I'd do my part by posting them for you.

JANK was a house zine by Jeff Jank (above left) and Janelle Hessig (of Tales of Blarg! fame, above right). It was one sheet of letter paper folded in half the long way and I always picked it up at the comics shop in Berkeley. Among the many highlights were reviews of house guests (one of my favorite pastimes), hilariously profiled past US presidents, and goofy around town kind of adventure comics.

See issues 8 and 14 after the jump...

Click on the images to see them larger.

Issue #8.

Issue #8.

Issue #14.

Issue #14.

Issue #14.

Issue #14.

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