blargcoverjanelle.jpgAfter two long weeks away, I am finally back in New York. I got in late late and had a dinner date at diner with my pal. It's so nice to be home! While eating, a friend came up asked where I'd been. When I said San Francisco, she was like wow yeah you look really San Francisco'd out—maybe it's your hair. I think maybe it's because I needed a shower and had been wearing the same clothes for days. Speaking of dirty hair, tight jeans, and San Francisco... Among the collection of great bay area zines and books I picked up at the awesome Needles and Pens was a new issue of Tales of Blarg! In the past, Janelle Hessig, zinester, comic artist and punk rock personality, has brought us such gems as a recipe for the poor woman's daquiri, crazy dance moves like the shopping cart and the sprinkler, and crusty punk haiku. This new issue doesn't disappoint with features like "Ugly People I Want To Do It To" and "Shitting is the New Crying." Yay Tales of Blarg! Someone on the Needles and Pens site so wisely put it: "Tales of Blarg is great - It's like Sex and the City for 30 year old punk chicks." Now I'm just waiting for a collection of issues of Jank (a single folded page of hilarity from Janelle and a fellow named Jeff Jank. Janelle, if you're reading, send us some JANK!

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