Etiquette ("For that special rude person you know.")
by Lacey Prpic-Hedtke
76 pages, 8.5x5"
Hand bound white copy paper with purple cardstock cover

Lacey, the mastermind behind the hilarious Likes/Dislikes zine, was tired of watching everyone treat each other like crap and took it upon herself to write us a guide to living, a book of manners for the common punk. She covers everything from sex to long bus rides to acceptable behavior on airplanes. I have a general fondness for books of etiquette so I liked this right off the bat. Lacey's book is especially fun/helpful because it covers incidents Emily Post would never dream of, like the polite locations for heroin shooting, the politics of the potluck party or what to do once you've accidentally puked on someone. Buy this useful handbook directly from Lacey's etsy site or from Microcosm and refer to it often.

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