roundup111.jpgButt took too long to put a black person on the cover and it's quite bizarre that they've never included an interview with Vaginal Davis before–but finally with issue 21 they've done both. Vaginal is an L.A icon, so for me it's kind of strange to discover she's moved to Berlin. Being in Europe, however, has not stilted the full-on 24 hour hollywood performance art of her conversation. Also: real life photos of 1976 Christopher street by Sunil Gupta; pretty East-London lads by Andreas Larsson; interviews with DJ Daniel Wang, portrait artist Don Bachardy and a sexy French, horticulturist escort named Xavier.

The November/December issue of The Believer has a lot of art related stuff such as an interview with the only art critic I care for, Dave Hickey. Do I agree with everything he says? No. But he has the rare quality of thinking for himself, he's a curmudgeon and it's always fun to hear what he has to say. Smart magazines realize that Lagniappe (a l'il something extra; an unexpected gift) is something print has over the interwebs and in that spirit The Believer comes with 18 temporary tattoos by some of the coolest illustrators on the planet, including Raymond Pettibon, Believer stalwart Charles Burns and Print Fetish reviewed Ron Regé Jr.

December/January cover star is the diva actress of our time, Cate Blanchett. She's not just beautiful, in fact she's entirely imperfect and completely captivating. Models should be more like her, a mouth watering subject for any photographer, and the photos by Matthias Vriens do not disappoint. I-D headmaster Terry Jones Interviews artist Francesco Vezzoli who discusses his upcoming work at the Guggenheim starring Blanchett, his current muse. Terry also interviews Karl Lagerfeld, with a nice black and white spread of the man preparing for the Chanel Cruise Collection 2007 in L.A. My favorite thing in this issue is the photo spread of hot, weathered surfers wearing fashion in Hawaii at the 11th Annual Quicksilver Edition Paddleboard Race by Laetitia Neg.

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PLUS, there's a great/hilarious/bizarre little interview with our friend Sarvia Jasso and her gf Kathy in this issue of i-D. they also look hot in the photo.

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