Yeast Hoist #12


outYeast Hoist #12: Stop Thinking Start Sleeping Stop Sleeping Start Living
By Ron Regé Jr.
6.75" x 8 ", 48 pages
Black and white, full color cover

Ron Regé Jr.
slowly but surely made a name for himself publishing his own mini-comics - like the first 8 issues of Yeast Hoist, which were photocopied. Issue #12, now all big-time published, collects various drawings and instant comics (unplanned, drawn/written on the spot) from sketchbooks and a few illustrations that were previously published in The New York Times. Regé's work has punk immediacy and energy, yet his simple line drawings are thoughtfully composed - one might even call them formal. His drawings, particularly the ones of nature and street scenes, are quite sweet. One drawing of a girl raging over a spilled ice cream cone is captioned "Sweetness and Bite," an accurate description of the entire book. His work is like a boy who will give you a dirty look and smirk, but will kiss you on the cheek when no one is looking.

Yeast Hoist #12 is available at Buenaventura Press

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Two things:

1. I love this guy! and
2. I saw this on your shelf and thought it said Yeast Moist and then I thought eew.

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