cover.jpgGuttural Journal
Published by Cederteg Publishing
5.5" x 8.5", 36 pages
edition of 100

Guttural Journal is a yearly photo zine from Swedish publishing house Cederteg Publishing. Tony Cederteg and his art direction team Sandberg & Timonen put out limited run fashion, photo and drawing zines. They're cheap and slim and really good. This first issue of Guttural Journal is in black and white and includes work by Armen Danilian, Linda Berlin, Todd Fisher, Jesper Ulvelius, Kento Mori, Magda Lipka Falck and Kristian Bengtsson. In this book I'm interested more in the formal aspects of the work (the textures and the shapes) than the people or events depicted. The pattern of pillow creases on an arm and back followed by the pattern of thin branches flash lit against the night sky--the second image almost creates a negative of the first. These particular ones are by Jesper Ulvelius. I've mentioned before that I've been into his work lately. Cederteg has a bunch of stuff out later this month, so keep an eye out while browsing your favorite zine store or read their blog. Two more pages from this zine after the jump...

Jesper Ulvelius

Armen Danilian

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