Be Capricious!


Capricious Magazine
New York and points beyond
7.75 x 10.5
full color, perforated pages

I’d heard about the first issue of Capricious magazine for a while before I saw it and liked what I heard. A magazine made by some photographers that printed work by emerging photographers from all over the world, including a few people I knew—photographer Melanie Bonajo was on the cover with a cucumber and some cotton pads strapped to her face. And the almost total absence of text! And the perforated pages! Those were the big hits with everyone who insisted I find this magazine. But I didn’t see it until I wandered into a party at its office to take advantage of the open bar. I grabbed some drinks and a free copy then boozily accosted its editor, Sophie Morner, telling her how cool I thought the mag was. Then I grabbed a few more beers and another free copy and ran off again. After that embarrassing encounter, I continued to buy the magazine and run into those involved at various events. The issue out now is #4, The Light Issue. Light, I guess, is the unifying theme but you could say that about all photographs. The editor’s note from guest editor Emma Reeves says the common thread is an unsettling feeling that each photographer has chosen to reflect in their own way. Stand-outs for me are: These odd bright self portraits by Jesper Uvelius, they are seething under the surface in some way. The strange distance and pretty light in Jay Hanna’s observations of others’ lives. Ric Bower’s stiff group portraits with strips of fluorescent light.

Buy Capricious at arty bookstores or Amazon. And look on their site for submission guidelines for the next issue.

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