capricious5cover.jpgCapricious is a New York-based photography magazine that's published twice a year. I talked about how much I like it in an earlier post. I finally caught up with its editor and publisher Sophie Morner and asked her some questions. Here they are below:

Tell me a bit about the beginning of Capricious. Who did you start it with? Why the name Capricious?

I got the idea for Capricious in 2003, when I was about to finish school at NYU. Shortly after, I moved to Amsterdam to be with my girlfriend, and slowly got Capricious going there, with her support and many other great people.

I picked the name Capricious because for me it represents the community or generation I belong to. It’s this certain restlessness, or brattyness I think we all have...

What is your mission?

To create a platform for emerging artists from all over the world.

How do you choose the format: very little text, large images, perforated pages?

I think there is so many magazines/journals out there that represent either text around photography, or journalism, or fashion photography. Capricious is a magazine that gives the image full space and rest. The perforated pages play with the idea that the images in the magazine are also individual pieces of art.

Did you work on any magazines before this?


Do you look at a lot of magazines? What do you like, past and present?

I am really into magazines. I always look at new publications and find inspiration. I have always liked Purple! I still like Purple but also, of course, GLU (girls like us) and LTTR that I publish. Also Bedouin, and Motiv, a Swedish photography publication.

I noticed that the next issue of Capricious is going to be a DVD. What prompted the change in format? How do you feel it fits in with the earlier issues?

Its not a change of format, its just a side project we are doing. It follows the guidelines and philosophy of Capricious. It’s for emerging video artist to show their work. I think it’s interesting to play with different formats within the arts.

Is there a print accompaniment that goes with it?

I can’t tell you. It’s a surprise.... (No fair! –Ed.)

What's coming up for Capricious?

Capricious #6 (the one with the DVD) is coming in May, and #7 in October. It’s going to be a good year for us!

Do you decide themes yourself or do people suggest ideas? How much do you rely on submissions? Do you ask photographers you like to contribute?

I always look for photographers, and push them to contribute. But we do get a lot of submissions, so I think it’s 50/50... The theme is decided either by the guest editor or by the Capricious team.

How did you get funding for this project?

We got a startup grant from the Swedish government. And then we have advertisements.

What else are you working on?

I work on my own photography, which I don’t get much space for these days....

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