lists_1.jpgPut A Egg On It #2
5.5" x 8.5", 32 pages, full color on green paper

We've been quiet - WHY? Well, we were busy getting our own zine out! Whew! Put A Egg On It is a tasty little morsel that represents the feeling we get when lots of pals are scrunched at the table and involved in multiple conversations while snack trays and dinner plates are flying around. Put A Egg On It features writing, photography and drawings about the lovely, messy communal joys of preparing and sharing meals. Our Second issue features local products by Susie Karlowski, James Keough and Nick Catucci. Essays by Paul Gerard, Elizabeth Pearce, Kristal Hawkins and Max Blagg. Photography by Laura June Kirsch and Billy Sullivan. Drawings by Aaron Renier, Jason McClean, Shayne Ehman and mc sub-zero permafrost. Yum!

Get it here!

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