Way back when I began my homosexual career I marveled at the copies of Straight to Hell that could be found in the bathrooms of my new co-workers in homosexualism. Soon, I was snatching up all the fag zines of the early 90's I could find. Although I was fascinated by these various photocopied "queer-core" zines - I didn't relate to what they were talking about for the most part. "Punks" sometimes take themselves a little to seriously (my opinion at the time was that there were no such thing as punk anymore. Also, I was never into the term "queer" as a self identifier).

But then came Butt! It put everything that came before - beefcake digests, Straight to Hell, queer zines - into a new refined amalgamation. Butt taped into a zeitgeist of world-wide fag community that no one had even noticed existed. POST post-gay. Since Butt launched it seems that every little arty homo wants to put out a zine with hot naked "real" guys, usually digest sized. Here I've listed the ones I have - although I'm certain there are many, many more. Images and links after the jump!

Mag out of S.F that's Inspired by the old school beefcake magazines

The Josh
Photography, illustration and writing out of New York

Literary and art magazine from France

Gorgeous photography magazine from Spain.

Lube magazine
Photography and illustration from Madrid, Spain

Pink Mince
Irreverent zine by a New Yorker in London.

The only traditionally-sized zine on the list, Pinups features Black and White portraits mostly of hairy, "stocky" guys - usually ones in their 20's.

Photography, illustration and writing from Italy

Scumbag Fag Mag
Limited edition, hand made zine full of collage and drawings.

Paul Mpagi Sepuya's zine featuring portraits of a single subject

Photography, illustration and design inspired by the New York party of the same name

Literary and art magazine

They Shoot Homos Don't They
Photography and writing from Australia, beautifully printed.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again
Art, photography and writing from the editor of Straight to Hell, Billy Miller.

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