Jack Magazine (The Endless Hayride) was an irreverent art/lifestyle mag out of Sante Fe, New Mexico edited by Rick Maslow and Art Directed by Thomas Grignon that I bought at Tower Records in New York back in the 90's. It may very well have been created on a MAC, but it has a very crisp, pre-computer look to it. All the ads are for cigarettes and booze which is what this mag is all about - a 90's cocktail, vintage aesthetic, evoking a 50's magazine, with an arty, thrift store bent. Jack is even more endearing because it's not from New York, LA or London. Yes, there IS a rest of the world. More pics after the jump.

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And I thought I owned the only issues Jack ever published. Jack made no sense but that was never the point. Here was a DIY magazine published back when men were men and giants roamed the earth. And back when desk top publishing was young and fun. And in the right hands could be used to make an unpretentious little meteor, like Jack, flash across the New Mexico sky.

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