I was mindlessly flipping channels when I came across this awesome screen printing device on the Home Shopping Network. Although it's marketing seems squarely aimed at soccer moms, I'm very intrigued. Although it kind of looks like a scanner, all it is is a compact screen printing station. What seems to be great about it is that it makes the whole process much less messy as well as minimizing the margin for error. Everything is held into place, the emulsion is in handy fruit roll-up form rather than a liquid - and it has it's own screen dryer. This is really great for someone who doesn't have a lot of space or is intimidated by all the pieces and bottles in the screen printing process. I kind of want this!

for now, this is the only link I can find where to buy it - for $229.00!

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It seems like it could be a pretty good product. Maybe if you get it, you could do another YouTube demo. Those people annoy me. It was agonizing to watch through the whole thing.

Yeah, they are pretty annoying. They need to rethink their marketing.


What was annoying about Chris? He's a doll.

You must forgive us - we here at Print Fetish are totally judgmental and bitchy.


I don't mean to jump on any judgemental and bitchy bandwagon, but...
Ugh! I can't believe how VAPID and annoying that woman is! I mean really!
Who chooses to do a demo for a product that they've only used ONCE while they're half looped on alcohol?!?

And watching her fumble around with the equipment in her white-on-white-on-white living room? I only watched the video to the end hoping she would spill some of the black ink on her home decor.

I'm just glad that this twit didn't put me off the product completely. I'll check it out elsewhere... (particularly since the Print Gocco system seems to be not in production any more)


Hey, anyone actually want to comment on the YUDU instead of the people in the video?????????????

Tyler from Denver:

Ok, so aside from the video, I own this machine. And I will say hands down it is the easiest way to screen print. I have screened the old school way as well as with an industrial sized unit. I will tell you some high points and some low points. First off the high points. This unit is an all and one, and out of the box it is ready to use. It is allot less messy then the conventional way of screening and space wise, it is rather compact. So the downside of the machine is the products that yudu sells aside form the machine. One huge cost is the emulsion sheets. a standard emulsion tube comes with 2 emulsion sheets at about 20 bucks a pop. Also there mesh screens are about 25 dollars for one, and those things are pre fit for the machine.

Now personally I use Liquid emulsion and apply it to the screen rather then use the paper. It cut down the cost of making screens, also I bought some emulsion remover for about 10 dollars for a 28oz bottle. Also what is cool is that the yudu machine has a timer so with time, you can create a screen in under 30 minutes. I paid 190 for mine on craigslist brand new, well worth the cost, but again buy emulsion in the tub to cut down on the cost of burning a screen.


so hey you dickless incompetents. i actully want to know about this product not how tight your fucking ass hole is so how about you tell me somthing i can use?


Tyler from Denver- What brand/type of liquid emulsion/emulsion remover did you use instead of the Yudu brand?


Looks wise Yudu gets a 10 on 10. Its nice and compact and sleek also. I still cant believe it has its own inbuilt screen dryer. Apart from the video, this blog is good. I really liked it a lot.

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