Last Wednesday Mr. Mcginnis and I sold some items and enjoyed the eggnog at Melanie Flood Projects' holiday party and zine sale. Melanie's home/gallery is so lovely and warm. We had a good time, sold a few things, met some nice people and made some trades. As you know, the latter means new reviews to come! We've been posting lightly this winter due to busy-ness and other projects but we'll be back like crazy in 2009. In the meantime, happy holidays!

Looking at our Mid Afternoon book

Breanne Trammel and Peter Segerstrom

Breanne Trammel's prints

The table of stuff

The artists at the show and their websites:
Amy Stein
Breanne Trammel
Esopus Magazine
David Horvitz
Geoffrey Ellis/SadKids
Hana Tanimura
Jason Fulford
Jason Polan
Luke Ramsey/Islands Fold
Mikael Kennedy
Peter Segerstrom
R&S Media
Ryan Foerster
Vincent Dermody
Whprwhil Records

Check them out, buy their work, and carry it around in a Print Fetish tote bag.

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