cover designed by Fletcher/Forbes/Gill

Someone ran up to Ms. Keough in the street and said, "Here, you'll love this..." and handed her this amazing 1965 issue of the Swiss design magazine, Graphis (It became an American magazine in 1986). I promptly stole it from her.

This issue is an amazing time capsule of design - when conceptual thought was king, creating 'art' was a major motivation in commercial work and illustration was prevalent. Even in black and white, the work depicted is striking and colorful. Wow.

a LOT of images after the jump...

The lead story in this issue is Fletcher/Forbes/Gill, an art direction and design studio located in London

From a series of mailing pieces in two or three colours on coloured papers for the dye transfers of Langen & Wind Colour Laboratories Ltd.

A New Year's greeting card from the studio

Booklet cover for Global travel agencey, London

Cover of a book of pictorial examples of modern graphic design seleced and commented on by Fletcher/Forbes/Gill

Title page for a short story in Queen magazine

Next is a story on paper shopping bags

Japanese bag for a children's shoe store

Christmas bag from Macy's

The crossword puzzle contains terms relating to the store

Bag for coffee and groceries from a Swiss store

Prototype bag designed by Art Associates Ltd. for Domtar Packaging Ltd., Toronto

Bag for a Japanese bag store

Bag for a produce store

Lastly, here are images from a story on paper and paperboard promotion

Illustrations of Aesop's Fables to promote West Virginia Pulp and Paper Company, New York

Annual report cover for Inner City Papers, Montreal

For Container Corporation of America

Magazine ad for Mead papers

Cover for a booklet about heavy-duty packaging material

Invitation to two annual report exhibitions

Cover of a folder for the Buntin Reid Paper Co., Toronto

Sample cover printed on Wiggins Teape board

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Absolutely delightful post! I wish someone would hand me such a juicy joy.

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