Girls Like Us #8 has DJ/Hercules and Love Affair singer/jewelry maker/always amazing haircut haver Kim Ann Foxman on its cover. She and various balls were photographed by Melanie Bonajo and Anne De Vries. Gaze upon their amusing and sexy centerfold:


The interviews in this issue are particularly good--sexy, funny, educational! We get stories about the Beijing art scene from DJ and curator Pauline Doutreluingne, the women's movement and a life story from political scientist Marjan Sax, sex and food from chef Kanki Fernandez, and more.

From Melanie Bonajo's Fumble in the Jungle in GLU #8.

Ever since Mr. Mcginnis told me Ms. Grace Jones would be gracing the cover of this issue of Dazed & Confused, I've been waiting impatiently to rush out and buy it. And may I just say OMG. Chris Cunningham's photographic collaboration with Jones is weird and wonderful. A sample:


You can see some more images on Dazed Digital. This is the "Art Without Limits" issue and inside curators and artists take over. They, including Gillian Wearing, Terence Koh and Agathe Snow, celebrate Maison Martin Margiela's 20th birthday by interpreting its current collection in interesting ways. Also in there: curators Kathy Grayson and Paul Peroni, Hanna Liden photographing Gang Gang Dance, David Altmejd, Steve McQueen's horrifying/riveting feature film Hunger, and tons more. This is a pretty great issue.

Gillian Wearing's interpretation of Martin Margiela's current couture collection from Dazed & Confused Vol II, #67.

I love reading each issue of Cabinet Magazine in its entirety. And as a total spazzer, that is rare for me. This issue's theme is shame and everyone's favorite genital obscurer, the fig leaf, adorns the cover. On page 4 they have an amazing alternate cover image from a 1986 calendar featuring rats in anthropomorphic poses. This particular image is a white rat as Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Despite being a rat, she is still shameful of her "business" and without clothing or convenient hair, our rat venus covers up with her tail. Essay topics include Ruth Benedict's The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Adam and Eve, the disapproving gaze of the Other, gross things we can't tell anyone but our physicians, and so much more.

Various painted genital coverings from Alan Jacobs' Adam and Eve essay in Cabinet #31.

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