Our culture is far too immersed in living beyond its means and constructing an overly elaborate, unregulated credit based economy - so what's going down is no surprise, if you ask me. Duh.

Lame magazines are in trouble. What large media corporations need to do to continue making money is to cease making these bloated, crass and outdated wastes of paper and invest in small press while leaving them somewhat creatively autonomous. The model of creatively focused print is definitely the future. low overhead, inventive design, passionate creatives and intelligently narrowed advertising is the ONLY way print will survive. The movie industry and the record industry both invest in independent work and companies, when will print follow suit?

Condé Nast Cuts Focus on 2 Magazines

Empty Nast Syndrome: Condé Nast Cutting Five Percent of All Magazine Staffs; Future of Men's Vogue In Doubt

These people do not look at magazines, they award magazines where their friends work... Do they ever visit a magazine stand in Manhattan? ASME 2008 Best Magazine Cover Winners and Finalists.


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Totally agree with you. Much love!

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