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What do I love about magazines? I think a few people might think it's typography and design, but my Print Fetish isn't specifically about design - it's about print, about the art of editing. I'm not interested in a magazine that utilizes inventive layouts or pristine typography if those elements are not completely conceived and utilized to support the point of view of the editorial whole. Point of View is the most important aspect of a magazine, and if a magazine lacks point of view, which most seem to, I could care less about the design.

How wonderful then is it to find New Zealand zine (or magazine), White Fungus, which has a wonderfully independent, funky yet thoughtful point of view. White Fungus is an art and literary (and sometimes political) zine that gives you writing and art work you aren't expecting. Although many magazines espouse their mission of promoting talent and giving voice to those "outside the mainstream" who "go unnoticed" (God... HOW many magazines have written about or done interviews with Daniel Johnston? Give me a break), White Fungus actually delivers. Without all the absurd mission statements and press kit boloney.

Genuine interest in the subjects and art works presented is what makes White Fungus an interesting read. It really balances the slightly punk enthusiasm of its look and voice with superb editing. This is what I personally love to see - a magazine that utilizes non-corporate, irreverent aesthetics (design and writing), yet maintaining high language standards and classic (maybe old-fashioned) typography. The attention to detail and standards never get in the way of the fun, and although this is an "art" zine, it is far from the sterile and humorless voice of most art magazines. In many ways it's like the editors took the best aspects of Cabinet, Zing and Butt and squished them into White Fungus.

White Fungus #9, the first issue available in the U.S, features artwork by Richard Killian, Yao Jui-Chung, Hye Rim Lee and Tim Bollinger. Writings on Terrence McKenna, the end of art history and a conversation with sound artist and composer Annea Lockwood. I particularly enjoy the opening feature on New Zealand historical figures, and this issue Jane Janesly writes about Chew Chong, a chinese immigrant to New Zealand in the mid 19th Century.

This is absolutely the best magazine anyone has sent to me at Print Fetish, so definitely go find it.

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I couldn't agree more. It's funny, a magazine reviewer here in NZ picked out WF as one of the best too. I must say it is a relief to get a magazine full of quality content and fancy free. Rock on WF.

Great to know a magazine like this is getting known overseas. Here in Wellington, NZ, we have had the pleasure of reading White Fungus for a while now, and nothing pleases me more than seeing it get to the rest of the world.

Long live fungal, rhizomatic thought!!!

All the best,
The Team at Solar

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