augustroundup.jpgThe much coveted music issue of the Believer is out featuring a well constructed mix CD of a bunch of white people (and one of my hip-hop favorites Aceyalone) inspired by African and middle eastern music. I'm not convinced, but found it an interesting listen nonetheless. The issue also has a great story by Rick Moody about attending a music residency in upstate New York, Brandon Stosuy's thoughts on American Black Metal and a wonderful essay about the personal connection between music and changing technology by Lavinia Greenlaw. The most awesome thing about this issue is the Interview with New Orleans soul singer Irma Thomas (who is illustrated by Charles Burns on the cover). Irma Thomas is usually always described as someone who should have been as world famous as Aretha, Tina or Dionne, and once you start listening to her you see why. Read the Interview, and go buy her new album!

Capricious #8 is a format departure from earlier editions—it's larger and unbound so each page can be hung as poster—but it still features the same flawless editing, gorgeous images and a mellow uncluttered approach to displaying them. This issue is a tribute to animals and it's really good. Each photographer, including PF favorite Melanie Bonajo and Olaf Breunning, included a statement about their relationships to animals. Go buy it at once!

Ah Doingbird, you make me wait so long to enjoy you. Doingbird 13 is finally out and has model Hilary Rhoda on the cover. I must say I'm getting a tad bored with the Terry Richardson covers but... She looks good! I don't think I've seen her face around as much lately. Jeff Burton is in here as is David Armstrong, a photographer I totally like, and Nobuyoshi Araki. Phosphorescent (a band of Brooklyn boys who make very nice music) are in this issue too. Overall a solid issue.

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