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sim.pngLast week Mr. Mcginnis and I dropped by Tim Barber's TV Books exhibition at Partners and Spade on Great Jones St. Mr. Barber is a man of many talents and projects and he recently added a bookshop to his website Tiny Vices where he's been curating wonderful selections of photographs for some time. At TV Books you can find limited edition books from Mr. Barber, Aurel Schmidt, Patrick Griffin and more. Go shop. Or look at photos from the show. (pictured at left, the cover of Simulations by Chris Dorland)

There's an in-depth article on The Atlantic and its journey into and beyond the digital age on the Folio site. (via MagCulture)

In the last two years photographer Rachel Barrett has photographed all 236 of New York's newsstands. And she's just in time too because they are on their way out—to be replaced by standardized structures provided by the city. Wow, how boring. I love newsstands. I've always wanted to man my own but I guess I'm too late to have any fun with it. See The New York Times slideshow here and the accompanying article here.

Photo by Rachel Barrett.

Nutopia scanned Uniqlo Paper's interview with David Strettell, owner of the lovely and amazing Dashwood Books—a place filled with things I want (Via A Visual Society).

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