I picked up the second issue of Fabien Baron and Glenn O'Brien's Interview, with Marc Jacobs on the cover, and let me tell you... Interview may just very well be back. I was immediately pulled toward it on the shelf at St. Marks books because it lacked the irritating, typical and excessive cover lines which pollutes most American magazines. I was also pleased to see that actual art direction was taking place on the cover, as well as inside.

In a desperate bid for survival, Interview joined the cover-line arms race toward stupidity. Concept fell to the forces of project hype and too much control from people in marketing and celebrity agent negotiations. The magazine, once the most fabulous indicator of everything interesting about the pop and art world, had slid into the celebrity hole in an attempt to compete with drivel like Entertainment Weekly an Us Magazine. As far as I can tell... the night freaks, downtown icons and art world hadn't been reading Interview for years, but it looks like Baron and O'Brien are set to bring Interview back into the hands of Warhol's children.

This isn't the official re-design or re-direction of the magazine, just a taste of things to come, according to Baron. The look has been stripped down and emboldened with typography that is extremely well executed. The overall content isn't yet completely satisfying, probably due to stories that have been brewing since before the new team. But the "80th Warhol Birthday" section featuring Warhol memorabilia, superstars and the reflections of 14 contemporary artists (presented with typography that is arranged in a very painterly manner) is quite beautiful. This section alone is worth the ity-bity $3.50 cover price.

I'm excited to see what they'll be up to. The June issue is out now in the U.S

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i thought it was suuuuuuuuper boring.

What was boring? The design, the articles? what exactly and why?

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