Holes and Halos


holes.jpgHoles and Halos
Photographs by Paul Schiek
Published by these birds walk and Stephen Wirtz Gallery
11x17 newsprint, B/W, 24 pages
Free (Given out at his show at Thomas Erben Gallery in NY)

Paul Schiek's new book Holes and Halos, made in conjunction with a show at Thomas Erben Gallery, is the best thing I've seen by him so far. This book is a closed circuit of holes and halos, absence and echoes, light and dark. The images are organized in such a wonderful way. The book begins where it ends, with a hole and a halo. Everything in between—the trees, the waves, the hands—appears as if it's leaning toward the center so it rushes forward and then pulls itself back around again. Looking at Mr. Schiek's lovely newsprint catalog is a calming experience. I love this reoccurring shape, more like a gesture i guess, made by hands and bodies and trees and water. It's both strong and tender. I love whole pages of newsprint that are mostly covered in ink. I love getting books in the mail.

Holes and Halos is unavailable at press time but Mr. Schiek tells us that it will be back and buyable once his new site launches next month. In the meantime we have some images from the book after the jump. And you can look at his current website for other books and projects. The next installment of The Kin Series—the first of which we reviewed here—is in the works, so stay tuned!





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