Holy shit, Batman, Saturday is FREE comic book day all over the WORLD (mostly Canada and the US, Euro suckas)! Free?! Go to your favorite local comic shop and snap something up, first come first serve. Most publishers print special issues with a variety of original (and reprinted) shorts from their various tittles, while some stores hand out gift bags of popular titles or surplus back issues. All you arty people... go on, TRY IT!

Saturday May 3: My pal Gabe Soria just moved back to New Orleans AND his brand new graphic novel Life Sucks, co-written by Jessica Abel and drawn by Warren Pleece, just came out. Tomorrow, 2PM at More Fun Comics in New Orleans, Gabe will be signing copies of Life Sucks. You know what's awesome about New Orleans: it's free comic book day will have beer and live music. Who else can say that?! More Fun Comics 8200 Oak St, New Orleans, 504.865.1800

Gabe is in New Orleans, and his story is about Vampires. But HELL NO, it aint nothing like Ann Rice

Rocketship comics in Brooklyn will have book signings from Matt Loux (11:00 to 1:30), artist/writer of Saltwater Taffy, and Fred Van Lente (1:30 to 4:00), writer of Iron Man and a zillion other silly superhero comics. Rocketship Comics 208 Smith Street, Brooklyn, New York,718.797.1348

Comic Book Jones in Staten Island will have signings from one of my favorites, Evan Dorkin of Milk and Cheese, Sarah Dyer of Action Girls and John Ruiz of The Wannabees. 2220 Forest Ave Staten Island, NY, 718.448.1234

Many other stores will have signings as well, so check the Free Comic Book Day Listings

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