8.5 x 11", 136 pages,
BW, photocopied, perfect bound

Yesterday was the first really gorgeous day of Spring and I spent it wandering around Chelsea looking at stuff. In the back of my mind I knew I was supposed to go to a party for the first issue of VECTOR but I couldn't figure out where and when. En route to the train, I ran into a friend on her way to the party which was half a block away. How serendipitous!

from Otherlife by Hadassa Goldvicht

VECTOR is a journal of writing by artists, however not all the entries are made up entirely of words. One of my favorite pieces is a paper cutout collage situation by Cheryl Donegan (one page pictured after the jump). She makes the most out of the limitations of the printing process (photocopying) and residual bits of ink and weird lines become part of the work. Lars Norgard's journal entries about selling art, his pregnant wife, getting sick and being a crazy OCD nutcase are also a highlight. Photographer Erica Baum contributed some cool grainy images of UFO sightings and some prose poems made from first person accounts of the events. Also included are faxes, essays, interviews, lists, missed connections, notes, etc. Overall, VECTOR #1 is a decent first issue and I'm looking forward to seeing more.

VECTOR #1 is downloadable in PDF form from their website. You can buy a print copy for $10, also directly from them.

from Mouchette by Cheryl Donegan

from Otherlife by Hadassa Goldvicht

from Missed Connections by Valerie Garlick

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