I was browsing around St. Marks Bookshop last night and noticed a sign on their door that said St. Marks Bookshop turns 30 this year. I looked online to see if they were planning any festivities and it seems like they aren't. However, you should go there and buy stuff and continue supporting their fantasticness. St. Marks Bookshop is the first place I saw Butt Magazine and they've introduced me to many other great publications over the years. Happy Birthday, St. Marks Bookshop!

Oh lordy. [via MagCulture]

The Onion has a huge gallery of amusing and sometimes even hilarious fake weekend magazine covers here. [also via MagCulture]

Danish gallery TTC has a new website with a new and huge zine shop. Go shop around. Also if you are in the vicinity of Copenhagen, they're having a show of photographs from Ice-T Body Count, a new book of black and white photographs from 37 journeys in 17 countries taken by 13 photographers over the last 11 years.

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