roundup100.jpgI am turning more and more into an S.P.P. (secret pretty princess) and I blame Lula Magazine. This issue is full of rainbows, references to Strawberry Shortcake, glamour, psychedelica, flowy stuff, flowers, hot eye makeup, girls in bands, girls who paint, TWO Ellen Von Unwerth shoots—one super sharp and sexy and bright and the other (of adorable French actress Clémence Poésy) super cool cyan-y and actually kind of crazy looking, artist Susan Cianciolo, hair dye, tie dye, playtime, dreamers, dreamyness, and my one true love Martha Plimpton. Whew! I am inspired to wear the tie-dye shirt LV just gave me, put a flower in my hair, and soak up some California sun.

Uma Thurman looks gorgeous on the current issue of Another Magazine. I cannot however say the same for their new logo. Anyway, logo issues aside, the magazine is still good. Spring/summer collections, an article about the amazing Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto, Richard Burbridge's diamonds and pearls shoot is wicked hot, Paris street fashion, exploration of the boundaries of hair and fashion resulting in some insanely enormous hair sculpture situations and yet more hot eye makeup, Angelica Houston is and looks awesome. One thing I love about Another Magazine is that they always make people look fantastic. Like when they had Pam Anderson on the cover...I've never seen her look better. Also, can we discuss for a moment how nuts the advertising in this issue is? Insane gatefolds like crazy, different paper stocks, a totally weird poster of Kate Hudson posing in Stella McCartney underwear, etc.

Dazed and Confused's March issue is the Around the World issue. They follow fun electro pop sensation CSS home to Brazil and tell us about cluster bombs and other horrors leftover in Loas from the Vietnam war. Paul Thomas Anderson interviews Paul Dano about their movie There Will Be Blood which I keep forgetting to see. Disco makes a comeback. They talk to producer Nile Rodgers, Michael Pitt and Brady Corbett, writer Helen Walsh, and art zine The Quiet Life celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

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i still like dazed for now&then gossip/culture quickies. and it still developes. but another! has been amazing before the relaunch. now i think it sucks a bit.

now its "grown up" not to say usual and boring.

tried to buy it a couple of times but i felt resistance against that clean-arty-boring style. looks like autumn-fashion-mag all year.

yeah i feel you. the earlier issues of another mag are seriously amazing. i do like the current issue but not as much as the earliers. and i didn't buy the issue before last because the cover annoyed me too much.

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