FAMOUSflyerfront.jpgI'm just going to admit it, one of the reasons I'm telling you about this show is because I have a photo in it. BUT, all that aside, Famous Magazine is having a weekend full of fun events at Outrageous Look Gallery in Williamsburg. They are celebrating their New York issue: Nobody is Famous in New York. There're so many great people in this issue and most, if not all, of them have work in the group show. On the flyer, pictured here, is a photograph by Hanna and Klara Liden.

Friday February 22: opening reception for the group show. 6pm. Free.

Saturday February 23: reading by DrunknSailors, a piratey selection of tough writers including our awesome friend Jess Arndt, Anna Dunn, Peter Greiner, Mary Dowd, and Mya Spalter. 7pm. Performance by Stay High and djs. 10pm.

Sunday February 24: performance by the Callers, a band from Providence, RI. 7pm.

Outrageous Look Gallery is at 103 Broadway at Berry in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. See below for the full list of artists involved.


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"I have a photo in it."

Let's see the photo, or shots from the opening, or something...

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