1 sheet, 17" x 22", newsprint, full color
Published bi-weekly

Showpaper is a big fold out list of all ages shows in the New York tri-state area. I don't go to see many bands these days but back when I did, my friends and I relied on the old bay area version, simply titled The List. The List is still around and updated and you can see the archives on its site. However, there isn't much to see. The List was really just a type written list photocopied on white paper. Showpaper combines this useful information on one side with a beautiful piece of artwork on the other. I love lists, free things, newsprint, and large things folded into smaller things so Showpaper makes me happy. They put out an issue every two weeks. They distribute on Tuesdays and you can find Showpaper at coffee shops, galleries, and record stores around New York. Their myspace says they're branching out more upstate and in New Jersey and Connecticut. As I haven't been to any of those places in ages, I couldn't tell you for sure. The current issue (#17) has artwork by Allyson Mellberg and was curated by Cinders Gallery in Williamsburg. Cinders will be choosing artists for the next couple Showpapers as well.

After the jump are posters by Brian Chippendale and The Sumi Ink Club. See the photo section of Showpaper's myspace page for more archives.

sumiinkclub.jpgIssue 11: Sumi Ink Club (Sarah Rara+Luke Fischbeck aka Lucky Dragons)

brianchipp.jpgIssue 4: Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt, Peanut Butter Ninja)

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For the record, Sumi Ink Club is Sara Rara + Luke Fischbeck aka Lucky Dragons (not "Lucky Dra-")

It just got cut off on the myspace caption :P


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