HamburgerCVR.jpgSF art blog Fecal Face scanned some pages of Hamburger Eyes: Inside Burgerworld, the new Hamburger Eyes book that's coming out on Powerhouse Books. For the uninitiated, Hamburger Eyes, on our list of "Magazines We Love," is a black and white photography zine from San Francisco. Each issue is packed (no white spaces here) full of street photography from names you know and names you don't. I'm totally excited about this book and can't wait to get my own copy. So until the PF review goes up, enjoy a sneak peek from Fecal Face.

The Ninth Floor, photographer Jessica Dimmock's first book, is out now from Italian publisher Contrasto Books. Dimmock spent three years documenting the lives of a group of young drug addicts squatting a midtown apartment and the result is a beautiful volume of intense, disturbing and sometimes gorgeous images with lots of gatefolds. My favorite parts involve the organization of items/garbage around the apartment and the way little bits of daylight sneak through the heavy curtains and shakily illuminate her subjects. Media Storm has a multimedia feature on the project and there are many more images to see on Dimmock's own site.

Photography in Print is a blog dedicated to photo books. Much to my dismay, they haven't updated since November. There's still quite a few reviews to go through and after looking at the site, my list of must have books has grown longer. Dear Photography in Print, post more! Your friends, PF.

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