zing21.jpgDespite large spans of time between issues, bouncing email addresses, and an ancient website, I just knew zingmagazine would stick around and keep printing. A week or so ago I got an email saying they were sponsoring a party at Art Basel Miami...I thought, hm, promising. Then yesterday, at Spoonbill, I saw a big huge shiny new issue wrapped in plastic and containing a cassette tape and cd. After researching further, I see the issue isn't all that new and the launch party was in the Spring. Either I'm out of it of they're having distribution problems. I'm pleased to note, in the launch party pics, that zing publisher Devon Dikeou is still making those delicious pies for her parties.

Zing issue 21 (2006/2007) is good, and huge. I am, however, sad to say that this issue is free of reviews. I am addicted to reading reviews and the zing reviews are great: a mix of straightforward show reviews and reviews of places or events or objects—like our friend Emma's review of Dairyland and other toxic sites in New Jersey in issue 20. I get the idea the reviews section isn't heavily edited, if at all, and I like that. Each one is totally in the voice of its writer, awkward moments and little mistakes included.

Anyway, back to the present... Issue 21. All curated projects. Zing favorite James Fuentes curated the cassette tape, a sound project by Jonas Mekas recorded at Andy Warhol's funeral mass at St. Patricks. I'm looking for a Walkman I can borrow to listen to it. Photographer and zing's ad director Grace Kim's photographs of the Explorers' Club gala at the Waldorf Astoria are creepy beautiful. So far my favorite thing in here is Gay Sex in the 70s, an amazing selection of Tom Bianchi's photos from the 70s. The reasons I'm obsessed with this moment in porny photography are all here: the colors, the appearance of body hair and normal looking muscles, the poses, the gestures, the suggestiveness rather than the completely explicit, the close crops, the playfulness. Also I like Lee Stoetzel's constructions of McMansions, Craig Rember's abstract photographs, and the photographs of pages from BLAB!, an annual comics anthology.

Zingmagazine costs $20 and is available at a select few magazine and bookstores. For a list of places to buy zing, go here. Oh, and ps., on the accompanying CD the last song is that Colin Newman song "Alone" which you may recall from Silence of the Lambs. I also quite like the first song, "Brannocks Last Stand" by Serious Weapon.

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