Viva La Marriage (or Mandrills Don't Need Love)
By Frank Olive and Rudy Shepard
Edited by Gabrielle Giattino
Published by Swiss Institute / Contemporary Art
8.5" x 11"
260 pages, Black and white, Softcover

I've never worked in a gallery, but I can imagine from my years of working on magazines that hours of sitting around in the office is probably required. Frank Olive and Rudy Shepard are both artists who manage galleries (The Swiss Institute and The Drawing Center). Viva La Marriage is a collection of a year of their faxed correspondence. I love faxes. I love the way they look: the weird feeling paper, the messy print quality that varies greatly from machine to machine, the transmitting of visual information over the phone lines, etc. This book is great. I like the rhythm of it—back and forth between Olive and Shepard, between simple notes about office annoyances and diagrams of boredom, riffing off each other's drawings, word plays and inside jokes. The length of the book and the volume of drawings also helps to kind of put you in that stuck in the office all day mindset. Viva La Marriage originally accompanied a show at The Swiss Institute called, "Do You Like Stuff?" Every day the show was up, a new fax from Shepard was tacked to the wall accompanied by a response drawing from Olive.

Viva La Marriage is available from The Swiss Institute Shop for $20.

UPDATE: Frank and Rudy also have a blog.

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