Magazine Books Clockwise: As the years relentlessly pass me by, I-D remains the magazine constant in my life.This book Is fat (unlike cover model Kate), hot and from $65 (used, alas) at Amazon, or £25 at the I-D store; Paper Magazine and New York used to be interesting and this collection reminds me why. New Copies are only $12.57 at Amazon; Mad was once a really hilarious, subversive and highly influential magazine–it was also graphically gorgeous, which it probably doesn't get enough credit for. This is an excellent history of the magazine from 1991. Used copies from $8.95 at Amazon; Found Magazine is always a masterpiece. The second collection of some of the more interesting found items illustrates the dreamlike qualities of everyday life. New Copies are only $11.20 at Amazon; The Believer has the best interviews in all of American magazindom.The pairings are fun like Interview but minus the vapidity. This collection of 23 interviews, The Believer Book of Writers Talking to Writers, has a pretty self-explanatory title. $12.24 at Amazon; The Butt Book. Yes, we have almost all the copies that are collected in this 5 year compilation - but who cares... It's BUTT! Oh, and you don't have to be gay, this is the best magazine ever, so read it! $29.99 at Amazon.


Art Books Clockwise: I look at the work in these books to be inspired by the energy and instantaneous expression, not to ape their look without soul. Punk Is Dead Punk Is Everything ($26.36 at Amazon) and Fucked Up & Photocopied: Instant Art of the Punk Rock Movement ($29.95 at Amazon) are gorgeous collections of visual material from the Punk movement of the late 70's and early 80's; Art Chantry is one of my greatest graphic design influences. He's a punky curmudgeon that will flatten you with his visual punches. Some People Can't Surf is a cool collection of his work, designed by the man himself. Out of Print, but used copies are available from $46.85 at Amazon (P.S, I want this); Graphic Agitation is a marvelously edited compilation of some of the best political street art from around the world - this is the first "design" book I ever bought. $25.55 at Amazon.


Blank Books Etc. Clockwise: The Come Along Weekly Planner by Lart C. Berliner is a beautifully drawn pocket-sized planner that will keep you organized and entertained. $16 at Little Otsu; John Porcellino, drawer of king kat comics, made this fun calendar starring his character Gordon the Fox. Follow Gordon's adventures throughout the year while keeping track of what day it is. $14, also from Little Otsu; Just thought we'd throw this in: a cute blank book with a cover illustrated by yours truly, Mr. McGinnis. $10 at Cafepress; This hard bound dream journal is covered with screenprinted cotton with silver foil stamping and filled with 240 thick blank pages. So hot! $30 from Poketo!; Mateo Ilasco's brightly colored limited edition journal with hand silkscreened covers is great for an eco-friendly gift--the inside paper is made from recycled materials. $36 from Beklina. Special thanks to Julia Rothman at Book By It's Cover Blog for these blank book recommendations.

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