Hey nothing makes a better, or easier, gift to a Print Fetishist than a subscription to a great magazine (we suggest any, if not all, of the "Magazines We Love" in our sidelinks) - so do that, or check out these awesome accessories!


Magazine Racks clockwise: the Collator 10 is an expandable rack made of recycled aluminum, available for $125 at DWR; These bright, patterned Thomas Paul Magazine Holders are only $17.50 each at See Jane Work; There are a lot of bathroom mag rack options, but this one is the most tasteful and even holds toilet paper. $69 at The Conran Shop; the Tre Table Multi Function Table does a lot of work for only $99.99 at Occasional Furniture; It's cute, wood, simple and cheap–The Studio Magazine Rack, $29.99 with free shipping at Real Simple Furniture; This super-awesome wall mounted, giant paper clip makes a fabulous magazine rack, $80 at Unica Home.


Bookends Clockwise: These playful, metal hand bookends are $49.75 at Lebedev Studio; This incredibly fun faux leather, iron-filled ball bookend is $39.95 at Wrapables; These slick quotation bookmarks, made of concrete wrapped in synthetic rubber, are $89 for a set at Unica Home; These are very cheap bookends that display your favorite pictures! $12 for 2 at Unica Home.


Tote Bages Clockwise: you GOTTA have a cool bag to carry your mags in to save the environment and to be fierce. Arkitip feels you, so the current issue comes wrapped with a screenprinted organic cotton tote bag, Only $30 bucks!; This Hot Dog Tote is just cute, thats all–$24 at Fred Flare; My pal Michelle makes these handmade vinyl tote bags. TOUGH and only $86 at Snap Design; this organic cotton hand-woven tote bag is just tremendous. $45 at Etsy; This rubber tote bag folds up tiny enough to carry in your pocket untill you need it. You can pack a LOT into this rubber (heh)! $27 at Charles and Marie.


Crafty Gifts Clockwise:
Every zinester needs this extra long stapler. $29.99 at Staples; OOOH! Sexy fun tape! $10 at Fred flare; Button Starter Kit!!! I want this, so get it for me. Hey, it's ONLY $29.95 at Badge-A-Minit; As seen on TV, my new obsession, the Craft-Lite Cutter does all the scallopy edges and stuff. It's cheap – $19.95 at As Seen On TV Guys; HOLY FRIGGEN CRAP. If there are any R&S parents out there reading this, you seriously need to buy us this little cheap Canon desktop photocopy machine! Its ridiculously cheap at $69.95; Hey - check out this low tech mini stencil silkcreen kit - a fun gift thats only $20 at Circuit Bridge.

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