roundup111.jpgLula, girl magazine of my dreams, has a new issue out with Kirsten Dunst as cover star and guest editor. I feel generally whatever about Ms. Dunst but this issue is really good. Her cat is adorable. As I said before, I like the kind of comprehensive coverage Lula has. They do really well packaging stories and exploring themes. There are also these gorgeous photos from Rinko Kawachi. I'm totally in love. Other highlights include: an accessories story starring cats, Corinne Day's dreamy photographs, the model's awesome eyebrows in "Love Letter," an interview with Brooklyn band Au Revoir Simone, many many princess dresses, and the lovely vision of Mia Farrow, an inspiration for Lula girls everywhere.

Arthur Magazine is our favorite free music and arts magazine and their second issue back is strong and full of good stuff. It's too cold outside for me to venture to the coffee shop, so I took advantage of their free PDF download and am reading the magazine in my living room. Issue 27 gives us a very helpful article on how to keep the house clean without chemicals; political action, marketing strategies and magical thinking in The Center for Tactical Magic's monthly column; Ian Svenonius on Baltimore rock band Celebration (also ex-members of Love Life, I like these guys, go listen); an excerpt from Abby Banks' book Punk Houses (I actually want this book for Christmas, so make a note); and a conversation between Six Organs of Admittance's Ben Chasny and Om's Al Cisneros; and also a bunch of other stuff.

Me Magazine #13 sure has a hot cover. I'm feeling black and white lately. This issue of Me stars the adorable Ryan Donowho, indie actor, Brooklyn resident and musician-y type. Now, normally, that combination would make me barf, fall asleep and/or put the magazine down. My general love of Me Magazine prevents me from doing so. Mr. Donowho's friends talk about him, he talks about himself, the usual format. His friends include rapper Scavone, tap dancer and musician James Sutherland of the Sub/Hitters, musician Christian Zucconi of the band Aloke, and painter James Gillispie. I feel medium about this issue but overall am totally into the concept of Me Magazine.

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