roundup6.jpgGirls Like Us #6 has the amazing Edwige on the cover. Edwige the French punk, the friend of Warhol, the often photographed, the model, the icon, the lovely, the fabulous. Inside is an interview with her and a gallery of photographs of her life. Also inside is an interview with Electrolane's cute drummer Emma Gaze, photographs of people under the covers and behind pillows by German photographer Birgit Wudtke, an interview with Parisian DJ/Producer Fany Corral of Kill the DJ, and more. Every issue of this magazine is a great balance of people I know/have heard of and people I know nothing about but am psyched to discover. Plus, they have an archive in the back of pages from older dyke-y books and magazines. It's good to stay abreast (ha, sorry) of these things.

Found #5 is the CRIME issue. As a nerd for crime novels and cop shows, I am pleased by this. Inside, as usual, is packed with stuff. In this issue, find a former FBI agent's life story, prison guard poetry, found notes about arson, pot, and self-amputation, academic crime, crimes of the heart, found eyeballs, found crack, and the story of a guy who found a million dollars in the road.

The November issue of i-D, like many before it, has Kate Moss on the cover. Kate Moss and i-D are such a natural pair. According to Wagazi blog, the appearance of a blond Kate Moss on the cover of this month's i-D increased sales at Borders Books in the UK by 56%. This is the !*#? issue, a youthful punk rock fuck off kind of issue. Among the fun/chaos inside is good old Malcolm McClaren going on about the old days, LA Punks and their super fun all ages club The Smell (Mr. Mcginnis and I used to go there when we lived nearby), some pretty photos of boys in black by Alasdair Mclellan, and a look at Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Terrence Koh, and Banks Violette as new icons of darkness. Interesting.

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