lcdwfmu.jpgThe Best of LCD - The Art and Writing of WFMU-FM
Edited by Dave the Spazz
Princeton Architectural Press
7.6 x 10 inches, Paperback, 256 pages
150 color illustrations; 300 b/w illustrations

I don't listen to the radio unless I'm in the car. But then when I am driving, it almost seems like cheating to bring CDs or tapes along. I leave the car radio on WFMU and am excited to hear whatever strange or awesome or horrible thing they might be playing when the car lurches to life. Then I drive around and listen for a bit. Well, actually, I sit and listen while double parked with coffee and a bagel waiting for street cleaning to finish so I can move the car back. It's a good station. I take notes for future record buying sometimes. I didn't know until today that from 1986 to 1998, WFMU published their program guide as a print magazine called LCD (lowest common denominator). The Best of LCD - The Art and Writing of WFMU-FM is a wonderful collection of comics, covers, articles, and stories from these program guides by the likes of Luc Sante, Nick Tosches, Daniel Clowes, Daniel Johnston, Harvey Pekar, Gary Panter, and a bunch of others. I love that this is packed with so many great comics. Other favorite things include the bios of forgotten radio personalities, crackpots and visionaries trading cards, an article titled The Devout Fornication Agenda of Wayne Newton, record buying tips and tips on remaining unemployed.

This book comes out tomorrow, November 1. Buy it directly from Princeton Architectural Press or at a cool bookstore near you. You can also see some LCD back issue content on the WFMU site.

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