Erotics, Esoterics
Edie Fake
4.25" x 5.5"
28 pages, B/W photocopy, w/ color copy fold outs

Depending on who I ask, Edie Fake is from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles or possibly has just moved to San Francisco to apprentice at Black and Blue Tattoo. We appear to have a bunch of friends in common but I just met him the other day at the Art Book Fair. Met, actually, might be a strong word. I said hello, bought a comic, and as I was walking away mumbled something about sending him a lil photo-book when he asked if I too made things. It was early in the day and I hadn't yet hit my social stride.

Back to the zine at hand... I have Mr. Fake's awesome Gaylord Phoenix comic series about a mystical part robot creature of same name. The last issue was nominated for an Ignatz Award in 2006. This time, I picked up something new: UNISEX: Erotics and Esoterics, by Edie Fake. This little comic doesn't have a clear story to it. Some pages are overflowing with animals, magical symbols, handkerchief patterns, and plants. Others have single figures: from a fierce, sexy lady to a half/man half woman viking with some strategically placed hair. Fake also offers some exciting new hanky code options. As a sorcerer who fucks inanimate objects, I'll be adding a blood soaked sky blue hanky to my left pocket.

I'm not sure where you can buy this particular zine, as I can't find it on any site that sells Mr. Fake's other work. Perhaps you can email him directly through his website, or keep your eyes out while shopping at your local zine emporium.



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