pleaseletmehelpzack.jpgPlease Let Me Help
By Zack Sternwalker
Microcosm Publishing
8.5 x 5.5"
B/W, perfect bound
69 pages

Ha! This book is hilarious. I just got off a red eye flight from San Francisco and was keeping my super cool looking seat neighbor awake with my giggling as I read it. Please Let Me Help is a collection of letters from our hero Zack Sternwalker, a recently unemployed and divorced fellow who's gained a bit of weight and had to move back in with his mother. He spends his now ample free time drinking lemonade, shooting sparrows at the bird feeder, practicing the oboe, and writing screenplays. Please Let Me Help is a collection of his letters suggesting various inventions, screenplay ideas and employment opportunities to all manner of people and corporations including Tom Cruise, Harley Davidson, Irish Spring soap, and Canada. One of my favorites is an impassioned plea to the port-a-potty company to let him put a vase of fresh flowers in every portable restroom. He also includes with each letter, as a sign of his good faith, a drawing of a vampire. Seriously, this will crack you up. I bought my copy at the wonderful Needles & Pens. Also look on the Microcosm site.

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Okay - I just bought it. It looked too good to pass up.

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