Mr. Mcginnis and I took a nice stroll through the New York Art Book Fair on Saturday. So much to see! So many books! So many tote bags! Two floors of the Dia:Chelsea building full of tables staffed by cute, well dressed nerds. The first floor was mostly larger companies, like D.A.P., and rare art book sellers, like Glenn Horowitz Booksellers. I went to an opening at Glenn Horowitz's once and they have so many things I want... for so much $$$. Then up to the second floor where the cool kids had their booths. The first stop on the way in was the ANP Quarterly booth. Their new issue is awesome but more on that later. Also upstairs was an exhibit called Friendly Fire, a curated selection of independent publishing by artists. For me discovering little small books and art items at the artists' tables is the reason to go to the fair. Edie Fake was cutting and folding a new lil magazine next to the Islands Fold table of really cool looking comics and across the way from my old friend Darin Klein who was selling a selection of his old zines, a box he made, and art by friends. Over the next week or so, Mr. Mcginnis and I will be reviewing the stuff we bought and talking more about what we saw and who we met at the fair. But for now.... some pictures!

People browsing.

One Star Press' really cool shelf.

Old Black Flag flyer by Raymond Pettibon. There were a bunch of them in that binder. Awesome.

At the J&L Books table you could get a hand painted cover of your favorite book. Cute. J&L also had popcorn. And some stuff I wanted to buy.

Manpurse II, J. Morrison's design and screen your own tote station, was popular and adorable. As I am a fan of totes, I wanted to make my own but for some weird reason got shy and didn't.

Edie Fake's table of rad items. Look for a review of her stuff this week.

Ian Svenonius was supposed to read from his book at the ANP party but didn't show up. Instead he sent a taped address which Brendan Fowler played for us while he held up a copy of ANP with Svenonius on the cover. Hilarity. And Tiger beers. And a band called Soiled Mattress and the Springs.

For more photos, go to our new Flickr page!

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Thanks for the review, I had planned to go Sunday but time flew by and I wasn't able to make it. Looks like I missed some good stuff.

jacob fabricius:

Hallo from Copenhagen,
Miss Themsen or Myself will be happy to help you with any translation problems that you might have!

all the best

Jacob Fabricius
Chairman of the Board,
Pork Salad Press

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