The fair made me feel incredibly poor... especially the snarky OneStar Press French dude who showed me a $10,000.00 book by Austrian artist Heino Zobernig. Doesn't that miss the point of the accessibility of books? Just saying. He wouldn't let us photograph it either! Fortunately, right next to him was a free copy of ANP. Maybe I could have gotten more free junk if I'd bothered to have Print Fetish cards made up... but I keep forgetting. As luck would have it, our famous asses were given some pretty books by Brian Kennon from 2nd Cannons and Nick Neubeck of Seems Books. I have no problem paying, but by the time I got to their tables, I had already spent too much. This is an expensive "hobby," let me tell you.

I ACTUALLY considered buying an early 80's Raymond Pettibon Black Flag flyer for $250 at the Specific Objects table, but reason and impending rent prevailed. Can I just say, Raymond is a total book slut. I mean, Really. He had a book or contribution to a book at practically every table. More recently for Booklyn he's done the illustrations for ABC ISSUE NO.3: Scream at the Librarian: Sketches of our Patrons in Downtown Los Angeles. The mini-version is only $15, but the deluxe, hand bound and screen printed version was $1,200–totally worth it. Sorry, Ms. Keough forgot to snap it.

Also at The Seems table I met the lovely and shy Mat O'Brein, artist of Hug The Gray–who should definitely put his photo on his books to sell more copies. Conversations with Stacey of Evil Twin, Emily K. who was representing Booklyn, and Adam Kolberg who was sitting in for They Shoot Homos Don't They, were also had. I also met the gorgeous, bright eyed Maria Themsen, a Danish woman at the Pork Salad Press Table, who was soooo hot, I questioned my homosexuality and bought something that wasn't even in English.

My favorite table was definitely the Islands Folds Table, who had far too many gorgeous books to choose from. I liked pretty much everything they had, and I would have bought a bunch, but they were only taking cash, and I was out! Their lush, colorful illustrated books were definitely refreshing compared to the overwhelmingly white-paged, severe Helvetica of most of the art books present. It's lame that theirs was the last table I got to. Hey-send me stuff!!

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